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On Demand Housing

SRO and SFO based housing options.

Client Management

We provide services targeting our Clients.

Community Development

We work with Public and Private partnerships.

Community Based Development

Community-based development (CBD) is an approach to implementing local development projects that advocates for community participation in decision-making and management, with a goal of using local knowledge and resources to run more effective projects. There are multiple pathways for this participatory approach to contribute to communities’ well-being.

Client Management

Proper client management is a key to success that’s often overlooked. Client management is the process of overseeing and coordinating a Client’s interactions with services available and to maintain a solid and sober foundation.

Custom Design Projects

Aggate.org is always looking for ways to assist the Community with services and assets available to a constantly evolving set of circumstances and environmental conditions. We believe that with both public and private participation, a successful model is attainable.

Latest Projects

1717 26th Ave N

Recently remodeled Single Room Occupancy Duplex available.

Brickstone North

Recently remodeled Single Family Occupancy six plex available.

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